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omg if Ty and Z’s kid and Nickels kid fall for each other omg!

If this happened, it would be hilarious, and GLORIOUS.

even more so because because the guys would be like no children raised by us should…

Oooh! C&R Grumpy Old Men AU!!! Like they meet in college! And one brings the other home to meet the parents! And Ty (quite Chester like) ask the kids about his parents and… Surprise!

LOL! And for some reason Ty hasn’t seen Nick and Kelly’s son in a while and it takes him a little longer to realise why the boy looks familiar. Ty doesn’t say anything though and Zane’s almost dying in his chair. But Ty gets up, goes into the other room. You hear the phone dialling and a loud NICK YOU FUCKER DID YOU KNOW OUR KIDS ARE FUCKING?! NO? WELL THEY ARE. HE’S SITTING IN MY KITCHEN YOU ASSHOLE. NO THEY’RE NOT– Ty pokes his head into the kitchen, eyes narrowed at the two startled guys and his husband before disappearing again – NO THEY’RE NOT FUCKING IN MY KITCHEN. NO I’M NOT GIVING HIM MONEY FOR A BUS. WHAT–? NO– IT’S NOT MY FAULT YOUR SON LIKES BOATS BETTER THAN CARS. I DON’T CARE THAT IT’S MORE COMFORTABLE TO FUCK ON A BOAT THAN IN THE BACKSEAT OF A CAR. THAT’S NOT THE POINT!

And the two boys are absolute red with horror and Zane’s sure he’s going to need an inhaler or something soon because he can’t fucking breathe.

But who would be the more adventurous of the two, tho? I’m betting it’d be Nick’s kid. For some reason. Having Kelly as a dad. Or Ty. What would that be even like. Oh my god. *brain shortcircuits*

Oh yeah, I can see Nick’s bundle of joy being the more adventurous type - definitely naughtier. Carter on the other hand grew up in his dad’s bookstore so he loves books and poetry and guns. He’s probably got a lot of Zane’s maturity and Ty’s OCD, instantly making him an old maid constantly nagging and cleaning up after his boyfriend.

Oooh. A name. Something unpronounceable Irish. And then he gets an annoying nickname as result. Like Digger, only cooler. :D  Old maid. *snorts* :D

Ferguson or Furgus Abbott O’Fleherty aka Fergs & Ty would stick to tradition for his parents and Zane would be okay with that. Mara’s maiden name as his first Zachery Garrett-Grady or Grady-Garrett aka Zack

I think it’s Carter Grady Garrett *g* at least it was like that in a few fics? IDK. Furgus? Fungus? Um. … :)

I couldn’t remember Mara’s maiden name, Is it Carter? 

*cracks up* Fungus… At least I said Fergs… or how about Ferbs… Yikes! As is kids used to fill his locker with those hideous furby animals when he was in HS.

Carter is Beverly’s maiden name. I’m not at my comp to look it up for sure, but Mara’s maiden name is Parnell (or close to it)

That’s cute. Pernell Zackary Garrett-Grady. You know he’s going to shorten it to P. Zack Grady.

Okay, yeah, naming the baby after Beverly is probably not the best idea (except it still fits tradition and sounds better than Parnell). And now I’ve fallen in love with the name, dammit! Given that the baby’s going to be the heir to Zane’s fortunes, I wonder if Ty’s going to push for him to shorten it to just P. Zack Garrett? He’s already got the P in there from the Grady clan after all and one day Zack’s going to end up sitting his dads together and demanding WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY FREAKING NAMES?

And oh god FERGS? Yes, I’m so down with that. Those two would be teasing each other for their names the rest of their lives. HEY FUNGUS!


With a name like Pernell Ty won’t have to push for Zack to drop the P.

'Cause he already likes the D.



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Nickels: Restaurant Deli & Grill

Now I need an AU where Nick & Kelly own a restaurant together, and one day they hire Zane as a waiter and that’s how their best friend Ty meets Zane, and Tyler, you cannot fuck my staff!


And it’s through Ty that Nick and Kelly learn how amazing a cook Zane is. So waiter Zane is now cook Zane and Ty’s not above demanding free food for life for all the effort he’s put into furthering the establishment.

Zane cooking all the time is a dream of mine, so I am fully on board with this plan.

Right? And Mara’s all at least one of my sons can cook so I will impart all my knowledge onto him. And Ty’s all WHAT ABOUT ME, MA? and she gives him a stern look and says you burn water.

Can you imagine Zane teaching Ty how to make scrambled eggs and they’re stirring and stirring and swaying and they start making out and Ty forgets everything he’s learned.

And Ty keeps asking Zane to teach him stuff, because he knows that if he pretends not to get it or not to know what to do, that Zane will come up behind him and start directing his hands. He thinks Zane hasn’t caught on, but he totally has and pretends not to notice because he really likes pressing up that close to Ty, and frankly, he thinks it’s adorable that Ty goes to such lengths to get Zane close.

But as much as he loves having Zane teach and grind, Ty’s favourite is still watching Zane cooking. The man and knives are a thing to behold and watching Zane mincing garlic and dicing onions is mesmerising.

So Ty just sits in the kitchen of the restaurant watch Zane cooked. The first few times, Nick or Kelly forced him out, but when he kept coming back and doing it, they finally just gave up. And all they said was no sex in our kitchen or the pantry or anywhere near the food.

Ty now has a little corner in the kitchen that they keep clear so he can perch there and watch his boyfriend cook and be out of the way. Nick wanted to put little seatbelts (read:restraints) so that they could keep Ty there because there are serious doubts about the man’s self control when it comes to food and Zane.

While Ty fidgets a lot, he manages to control himself. Mostly. It’s those moments when Zane comes over, telling him to try something, and invades his personal space with a spoon or plate that Ty barely beats back the urge to jump Zane then and there, just push him on the nearest flat surface and fuck him. Sometimes, he can’t stop himself. Sometimes, Nick doesn’t find out. But those times are rare.

Really it’s one of Ty’s favourite things to do – watching the man he loves cook. He likes it even better when they’re home and sometimes he convinces Zane to cook naked even though Zane hates it and swears one day there’s going to be an accident and Ty’s going to have to go without while he heals. So Ty eventually relents and allows Zane to wear those waist apron that protects sensitive parts. Otherwise, he’s still cooking in his birthday suit and Ty sometimes wonders if Zane could still make him an omelette while he’s balls deep in the man. He laughs to himself at the thought and now Zane’s staring at him from the stove with a peculiar face and oh he’s so going to try it in the morning.

He doesn’t get a chance to try it that morning because he wakes up and Zane is already gone to work to start early prep. So Ty goes to the restaurant and sits in his usual place in the kitchen to watch and lust after his lover. At some point throughout the day, Nick comes through and growls at Ty, all don’t you have a fucking job to go to? And Ty just gives him the finger and keeps watching Zane because, really, this is far more important.

And then, when it’s closing time, Ty is eager to get Zane home and fuck him, but Zane wants to stay late to try out a couple new recipes, and he says Ty can go home if he wants. But of course Ty says no, all pouty, until an idea strikes him. He didn’t get to fuck  Zane while he cooked this morning, and Nick reminded him again not to do it in his kitchen just because they were alone, but that doesn’t include blowjobs, right?

So while Zane is distracted, he crawls under the table until he is face-to-cock, and Zane nearly burns himself on a hot pan when he jumped in surprised at being touched so suddenly.

Zane’s trying hard to keep his mind from shutting down because Ty on his cock was draining all of his processing power and he really didn’t want to burn down the restaurant because he was getting a blowjob. And he’s about to say something but Ty just mumbles around a mouthful Keep working, I’m just helping myself to early dessert and that FUCKER just keeps going and Zane can’t even remember what he’s cooking anymore. After almost burning all the butter, Zane gives up and shuts off the stove and let’s Ty do his thing.

Next stop: the pantry.

Zane drags Ty into the pantry and kicks the door shut, and he pushes Ty back up against the door. Ty hooks a leg around Zane’s hip, and he lifts Ty that he his able to wrap both around his waist. And they just stay that way for long minutes as their kiss turns nearly violent with the addition of teeth and aww yiss, fucking love when you bite. Zane chuckles huskily as Ty’s lust takes over. His head falls back against the door and he shamelessly rubs all over Zane, repeatedly saying fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Clothing is removed and Ty gasps as the cold door meets his overheated skin, but then he gasps for another reason altogether.

When they finish, Zane carefully lowers them to the ground and Ty sprawls on the floor, hissing as the cold seeps into him. They lay there in silence until Ty says Can we fuck in the main dining room next? We already broke Nick’s rules, so might as well go all out.

And the idea turns Zane on more than he’d care to admit. But he still does have a little work to do so they get dressed and Zane goes back to cooking, or at least he tries to because Ty lingers instead of going back to his perch. He stands dangerously close, helping pass things to Zane and stirring and actually being helpful but all Zane can think about is lying on his back out front with Ty balls deep inside him. He swallows at the mental picture and almost groans when Ty hands him a couple of peaches, except he kind of rolls him in his hands a little and Zane’s self-control is wearing a little too thin for comfort.

It’s when Ty slips one of the bananas he was using for his dessert into his mouth that Zane pretty much loses it. He shuts off the stove and just watches as Ty makes a show of slowly pushing to phallic fruit past his lips, eyes closed and then the smirk. Fuck that smirk.

Zane’s got Ty halfway naked again by the time they’re out in the dining room. They’re probably breaking a dozen or more health codes but he didn’t give a damn and he was sure neither did Ty. Their kisses were rough, their movements were rough and hard and erotic. Zane was on his back, feet on Ty’s shoulder and then there was a searing white pain and a whole lot of pleasure. The table moved along with them and it felt like the earth was moving. But he was aching and Ty had his hands held up above his head. He begged Ty to touch his cock, or to let him do it, but Ty wouldn’t have it. Apparently he’d gotten the idea to bring Zane off without it and fuck Ty hit that spot and his mind went blank – all except the ache. Zane struggled. He something more. He needed Ty’s hands on his cock but all that came out of his mouth was a deep, throaty moan.

It was a long moment later when Ty’s fists finally wrapped around his cock, and Zane threw his head back as he released all over himself and the table. Ty followed along soon after, and as much as Zane wanted to snuggle in their post-coital glow, he wasn’t entirely sure that the table could hold both of them at the same time.

It was later when Zane assessed the damage, chairs thrown over, things on the floor, did the thrill of what they’d done hit him again. He wondered if he could pass all the mess off as a useless robbery but figured Nick would never buy it. So he grabbed a cloth and wiped the table down as Ty tried to straighten out the chairs and throwing the windows open to air out the smell of sex and sweat.


DUH. I have a better sense of self-preservation than that.


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